1. cloudfacegame:

    Here’s a final anim of our little inchy friend!

    Next on the ‘incidental/background/creature-critter to-do list:

    • birds
    • really far away birds
    • beetle
    • squirrels with cool shades
    • bees
    • praying mantis (with really cool shades)

    Just to liven the levels up a bit

  2. ⎿⎔⍑

  3. cloudfacegame:

    inchworm rough animation

  4. the Legend of Tomato

  5. Legend of Tomato

    A man is turned into a tomato by evil magic. He roams the lands in search of any way to lift the curse.

  6. supr crate man

  7. cloudfacegame:

    Here are a couple recent level mockups I put together. These are for me to nail down things like color & details for our levels. With these, I’ll go in and create specific elements to import into our level editor, which Craig is building from scratch in Unity. 

    I love making these, obviously because I love to draw & paint, but mostly because it forces me to think critically about color!

    More to come soon.

  8. cloudfacegame:

    Snippet from a new area we’re calling “Growth-Over” (for now anyway)

  9. cloudfacegame:

    Who likes their tacos extra beefy?