1. cloudfacegame:

    This is Whalen - one of the first NPC’s you’ll run into. This is his “HEY HEY C’MERE!” cycle!

  2. Buttdeuce

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  3. Doing a bunch of concept-y work for our first mobile game. Probably won’t use this but I like the shapes I cam up with!

  4. stellarjaystudios:

    This game is getting REALER BY BY THE HOUR.

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  5. stellarjaystudios:

    Mr. Ares Lee is killin’ it on the technical tip. The world’s first mustard based distance jumping game is on it’s way folks!

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  7. stellarjaystudios:

    Some new roughs from the upcoming game. We were inspired by the old Atari box covers, which are amazing. Not enough games these days get box cover art, so we’re bringin’ it back!

    We’re making a mobile game about riding mustard bottles on giant hot dogs that are then eaten by King Relish & judged. We’re also making some box art for the game. 

    Sounds like a recipe for success!

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  8. oatsbarley:

    Playing around with particle effects, trying to make a cool rainbow for Cloudface.

    As you can probably guess, it’s a… work in progress.

    (click to view animation)

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  9. cloudfacegame:

    Here’s a mockup of our NPC dialogue system!

  10. cloudfacegame:

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