1. I’m selling some 2D runner & platformer animation packages on the Unity Store!


    I saw that the store has a big lack of cartoony & appealing 2D stuff, so I’m going to see how this goes…


  2. floopydisc said: GO TRY AND DRIFT A BRAT

    Just put the statue of David in the back to weigh it down!

  3. Developing a small game, here’s some color ideas

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  5. jabrilmacktionhero said: HEY! I'm the dood from twitter! Soooo I'm working on a 2D game this school year as a lead animator. I know how to animate but I have no idea how to make a game and the other leads have no idea how animation works so it's kinda hard trying to eplain things to each other haha I'm kinda just wondering what your guys process was. I've animated for film before and Im wondering if the process of the same? I wish I had a more specific question but I'm just beginning this journey so I don't really know

    HEYO! Sounds awesome. I’ve never made a game before either, so the best advice I can really give you is to just go with your instincts & start making stuff. Collaborate with your other team members & keep the line of communication going. For Cloudface, I knew I needed some basic cycles so I just made them & the guy programming makes it work in the game. It’s really that simple. I just animate something I want to be in the game and he makes it work. We go back & forth to tweak stuff. 

    Just dive right in and enjoy the process. Be ready to fall on your face a lot. The more mistakes you make the more you can learn from them! Good luck on it!

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  7. How ‘bout some off model Bedeuce & Swaysway!

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  8. kirbyallen said: Heyyyyy thanks for the follow! Cloud face looks super good, I can't wait to play!

    Thanks! Your animation is super fun. 

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  10. cloudfacegame:

    Preview gifs of our weather-based power-up system! (all WIP, of course)